Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fashion Sketches 13: One Unforgettable Evening Collection

That was my latest video. This is my second video where I have drawn evening gowns. My favorite clothes to draw is the evening gowns and pants. I don't really like drawing suites or pant suits because I tend to draw them pretty much the same way.

I did another video with the same graphics from OneTrueMedia that I used for my leather collection. I forgot what it is called, but I believe it is "Metropolis" or sonething along those lines.

The one thing I notice about my drawings is that I am short on detail. Honestly, I have no idea how to create more details in the clothes. I get the basic lining down, and I color in one basic color on the clothes and I try my best to shade the skin coloring to make it more real. But other than that, I am quite clueless on how to make the clothes more decorative. I guess I should have taken art classes when I was in school.

I've always heard in order to get better a craft, you must keep doing the craft. I guess I'll just keep drawing. I plan on making a year end video this coming week, including all of my collections from this year, which only includes this month.

I was just thinking...I'm on a tagent right now...many years ago, I started drawing. I was a little girl. The arms and legs were all weird and funny looking, and as time went on, I got better. But then I stopped drawing. I don't know why I stopped. I have no idea what turned my attention away, but I stayed away for a very, very long time. And now this month, I started again, and I haven't changed very much how I draw. It's good I haven't gotten worse, but it's not good I haven't gotten better.

Well, now that I am back at it again, maybe, I'll get better. I've even asked an expert their opinion.

I better get to bed. Very tired...good night.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fashion Sketches 12: The Lovely Bride Collection

For the first time ever, I did a bridal collection. I only drew like 6 pictures, but I was trying see if I could really draw bridal gowns. To me, bridal gowns are the most difficult because it is so hard to come up with a truly original designs, and most of the dresses are white. There are so many bridal dresses out there that I believe it is possible to cover the entire world with them.

The last time I was in a bridal store, I saw racks and racks and racks of neverending bridal gowns, and there were all kinds, too. Mermaid style, lace, satin, silk, bohemian, strapless, sleeveless, and so on and so forth.

The only bridal gown I've seen that really caught my eye and left me gasping was a Vera Wang dress that Kate Hudson wore in the movie Bride Wars. I wanted that dress, and I'm not getting all. If you haven't seen that Vera Wang wedding gown, you are truly missing out. Yes, you are. Kate Hudson was beautiful in that dress, and I nearly fainted when Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway were fighting in that Vera Wang wedding gown near the end of the movie. It has to be against the law to fight in such a beautiful creation. It must be criminal.

Take a look at The Dress:

Kate Hudson in a Vera Wang

Geogeous right? That ribbon around the waist is so perfect, elegant, and yet very simply. I loved the entire idea of that dress.

So, here is my little fashion sketch video of wedding dresses.

I am going to admit a couple of things.

Number 1: I know the music isn't wedding'ish, but I liked how dramatic it sounded. Plus, the length of the song fit the length of the video perfectly.

Number 2: My inspiration behind drawing the wedding dresses is an artist by the name of Brooklit. She draws these beautiful wedding dresses and fashion sketches, and she sells them, too. They are just georgeous. They are true works of art.

Check out her etsy page. I am hoping the Etsy link works. I also have her on the right side of this page as one of my favorite blogs to read. So, check that out, too.

That's all I have for this evening. Thanks for reading. Biyeee!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fashion Sketches 11: Shorts Can Be Cute Too Collection

It has snowed so much today. It is cold outside, and inside we are just enjoying each other's company as a family. I have a family like most of you that has their own interests, lives a life at times beyond our doors. It's nice to have a life within these walls.

I sat down today, and I drew more sketches. Sometimes I wish I could actually make them, but wishing and doing are two separate things entirely. I guess if I wanted to really make the clothes I draw, I would take sewing classes and get to it. Someday, maybe, one day.

Here is my next video:

I don't wear one piece shorts that looks like the ones I draw. I don't know who would really.

I hope you like the video. More to come in the future hopefully.

And for those that follow my blog, I would like to invite you to sign up and follow my blog. I would like to know your thoughts about my drawings. Now, I already know they're not the best in the world, but they sure are fun to draw.

Everyone have a fun and safe weekend. Take care.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fashion Sketches 10: The Kaleidescope Collection

The drawings in this newest video is a little different, yet the same. The difference I am writing about is the way I created the faces. Usually, I outline the facial features, but my one aggrivation when I do that is the eyes aren't even. One is higher than the other. The lips are either too big, too little, or not straight at all.

So, I tried a different method this time. Take a look at the video and see if you can see a difference between the first 9 videos and this one.

What I did was instead of outlining the lips and eyes entirely, I simply drew single lines for each part of the face. I added color to portions of the lines and simply dotted the eyes in with color. I think the drawings looks almost cartoonish. I mentioned this, as well, at my presentation on YouTube. With the drawings looking like that, I don't think it is a bad thing, and I am not disappointed on the outcome of the drawings. Matter of fact, I plan on making faces like that from now until I find a better way.

This collection also shows a lot of colors. I wanted to show some stripes and patterns because most of my drawings in the past are of one color. I think the drawings shows more depth of character.

Until next time, enjoy all of the videos I've uploaded to this blog. I hope to have another new video up within a week or two. I hope to have fresh new ideas. One thing I've noticed about fresh new ideas and drawing fashions, they're few and far between.

Take care.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Sketch Project In The Works

I've got several sketches ready for final coloring, but I don't think I'll be finishing those sketches anytime soon. Eventually, I will, and they already have a theme going. So, the fun part is just finishing them up and getting them to video. I'll take my time with those.

But I got another idea this morning for another fashion sketch video. It's not an original idea or anything like that, but I just wanted to explore something that is different for me. I plan on working on the drawings tonight and tomorrow and maybe have the drawings in video by tomorrow evening.

So, make sure you come by tomorrow and check out what I've added. Hopefully, I'll have it done by then.

Thank you.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fashion Sketches 9: The So Fly Butterfly Collection

With this collection, I decided to show the "before" look before I colored them in. You can see two pictures of the rough sketch, and then the "after" sketches will be revealled in three different pictures. I like the curtain reveal affect, one of my favorites.

Okay, so you watched the video, and you noticed each sketch is shown like five times. Did you find the symbol of a butterfly in each drawing? Can you name where they all are on each one? The butterfly is the connecting theme throughout the collection. So, I named it that, plus the extra "So Fly" in front.

Before I scoot off to bed, I wanted to tell you my favorite outfit. It is the one with the gold long sleeve shirt and white skirt. I thought that was a hot look, very classy. Anyway, if only I could sew. Maybe, one day, I'll take sewing classes.

Take care everyone. Make sure you connect so you'll see new updates of videos and fashion sketches!!!

Fashion Sketches 8: The Look Great Collection

With Fashion Sketches 8, it was time to take breather and slow down a bit. The graphics and fast music is always great to watch, but sometimes it's time to really just listen to something slow and appreciate more what you watch.

I didn't add the fast moving graphics from OneTrueMedia, but I always like how the website transition the clips and move the video along. The music I got from YouTube. It seems to fit so nicely.

I'm going to be honest with you. I couldn't think of a name for this collection. I had everything from long dresses to capris to whatever else I could think of. The only thing that seemed to bring the whole thing together is that I tried to make them all look great. So, hence the name..."The Look Great Collection." LOL!

Thank you for visiting my blog of fashion sketches. Always wonderful to have visitors come by.

Fashion Sketches 7: Ready To Shop Collection

This collection has different things going on. There is no real connecting thread throughout the collection. Just a lot of color and some patterns. Take a peek!

When I picked this music, I don't even think I listened to it all the way the first time. I just like the beat, and I thought it was perfect for the video and the type of graphics that was on it. When I did finally watched and listened to the whole thing, I was really pleased. I liked that video a lot.

So, I hope you enjoyed it. Did you dance to this one? I hop so. Come back again.

Fashion Sketches 6: The Simplicity of Elegance Collection

I believe a fashion designer always want to make that one dress where it just "wows" the masses. There is one dress that comes to mind, and I was just blown away at how beautiful it was. The dress that Demi Moore wore in Indecent Proposal. She was georgeous in that dress, and I wanted one like millions of other women out there.

Here is my video of dresses. It may not wow you, but they ain't too bad either way.

I even slowed down the music so it'll fit the looks. What did you think? Did you see one that you liked? I liked the brown dress. I would wear it.

That's it for this entry. Thanks for stopping in.

Fashion Sketches 5: Dress for the Occasion Collection

This fashion collection was more about dresses. I just wanted to have fun and also, I wanted to have a collection where I could add one of my favorite songs. I was so glad that Youtube had it available to add to my video. I love love love The Brand New Heavies. This song is my favorite. It is a remake, but she sang, yes, sang this song like it was her own. I only put the instrumental version on this video, though.

Did you notice the video had a lot of colors, a lot of graphics going on? That was the goal. OneTrueMedia has all of these great images you can add to your video. That's who I use now.

Thanks for reading and viewing my blog.

Fashion Sketches 4: The Leather Collection

With this next video, I was really coming into my own. I wanted the video to be fun to watch, have a great music track, and make you want to come back and watch again. I did have inspiration behind the first couple of looks, and it was Beyonce. She's into performing in leotards now, and I wanted to make a couple of drawings like that.

Also, in this collection, I used a lot of black. The black and the gray, actually, represented leather. Check out my next video so you can see all of what I'm writing about.

Were you dancing? The music was pretty good, right? LOL. Thanks for coming by.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fashion Sketches 3: The Infinite Warmth Collection

This next collection took a long time to put together. I started reading about putting fashions together in a presentation and read somewhere about cutting the drawings out and putting them to a background. I can not tell you how impatient I got when cutting out all those drawings. I wanted to just stop. But I started this project, and I had to finish it. So, that meant cutting out around 15 drawings.

When I finished cutting the drawings out and put them in a video, I was happy with the results. Take a look at what I did.

This video was much longer, which was my goal. I didn't want to make another minute video again.

You can find all of my videos at You can subscribe here or there at youtube, or even both places if you want to stay updated on when I upload new videos.

Thanks so much.

Fashion Sketches 2: Mini Dresses Collection

To give you a short history, I use to draw when I was a kid. I had these sketches of women that had bad proportioned legs and arms. I even had a cousin of mine laugh at what I did, and I didn't like her at all for that. But I continued on drawing for a very long time when I was a kid because I had this dream of becoming a fashion designer and being famous and everyone flocking to the stores to buy my clothes. I smile when I think back to that time, and sometimes I wish I had of pursued that dream. I had the chance, but I saw the daunting task it took and gave up. Oh well, I guess if you really want something, somtimes it will come with hard work and sweat if you really want your dream to come true.

With all that said, I want to add my second video of fashion sketches. It is about the same length as the first video. I felt like I was trying to find my own sense of style and sense of drawing all over again. Afterall, I had a long hiatus of not drawing at all, and I do mean a very long time before I started drawing again. Here is the second video.

I really like making the videos. They give new life to the drawings.

Well, I am glad you came by. Come back again and view more videos.


Fashion Sketches 1: My Fashion Diary Collection

Since my fashion drawings are growing and seem to have a life of their own away from my crocheting, I've decided to create a blog just for my fashion sketches. I've made about 9 videos so far of my drawings, and you can find most of them on my other blog under bridenbun. But I think this hobby of mine deserve a little spot in the internet world away from other hobby of crocheting.

To begin with my first blog entry, I wanted to show you my first video. Take a quick look. It's only 1:45.

When I started renaming my collections, I had a very difficult time renaming this one because I already kind of gave it a name in the video itself. And I didn't want to redo the video.

I hope you enjoyed the very short video. I'll be adding more.