Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Looooove Project Runway!

Oh, how I wish I could sew the clothes I designed.  I would have tried out for Project Runway.  I think I first started watching PR 3 or 4 years ago when it was on Bravo channel.  I heard a lot of people don't like it on Lifetime, but I like it there because Lifetime puts the whole episode online.  So, when I am too tired to watch it during the weekday, I can watch it Saturday evening or Sunday on the web.

They have so many designers on the first episode that it is hard for me to remember all of them.  I think there are like 16 designers in all.  How do Heidi, Michael, and Nina remember them all?

Before the season started I visited BPR, an awesome blog that keeps you updated on Project Runway, to see who the new designers were, and I visited the designer's individual websites if they had one that was not on facebook.  [Don't ask why I don't do facebook, I just don't and don't really know why].  I chose my favorite designer, and I predicted that person would win.  Who did I choose?  Christiane King.  Why did I choose her?  Check out her website.  Her designs are so fabulous!  I loved them!  But boy, was I way wrong in choosing her.  Good thing I didn't make a bet.  Out of ALL the designers to go first, she was it.  Then I found out that she had tried out for the show many times before.  She must be disappointed.  I know I would be.

After watching the show last night, I wondered what happened with her dress?  The dress she put on the runway for PR was nothing like the stuff at her website.  I didn't like that dress at all, my least favorite out of all the designs.  The dress she made looked like Qrystal's dress from last season, and I didn't like that one, either.  I don't know.  I'm sure Christiane will do very well and continue with her dream beyond Project Runway

I wanted to show my favorite dress that was made from this first episode.  Seth Aaron Henderson created it.  This dress never left my mind after watching it go down the runway.  Here is a picture of Seth's design.

I think the design is so unique, and I love the fabric.  The creativity and technical work that went into the dress was phenomenal.  I like everything about it.  I can truly say that is the one dress I have never seen before.  New designs are a rare thing.  And did you see the lipstick, the makeup?  Perfect. Perfect. Perfect, everything.  In my opinion, he should have won the first challenge.

If I have a favorite outfit for the next episode, I'll let you know next time.  I can't wait to see what the designers come up with next!

I better get going.  See you later.



  1. I had also picked Christiane for the same reasons you mentioned. Her designs on her website are wonderful. And her dress on the show was not my favorite, but I don't think it was the worst one either. Especially given the limited fabric selection. Much like you, I did my research before the show and despite the outcome, if I had to bet money on someone from this season that will succeed in fashion, I would still put my money on Christiane!

  2. I didn't even think about the fabric selection. You're right. There wasn't much to choose from considering how many designers were competing.

    I hope this isn't the last I'll see of Christiane's designs.