Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Wild, The Mini, and The Look Of It All Collection

I have done another video, and you know what. I am getting discouraged. My drawings are looking all the same, and I don't expect miracles overnight, but damn! I expect something to be better. Can you tell I'm frustrated? I'll just keep at it. I'll keep on drawing, and hopefully, I'll get better.

This next video is about animal prints and mini skirts. Not my absolute, all time favorite video, but I needed to draw this past week. And the video was an end result. Take a look.

Sorry, if there is no sound. Audioswap at YouTube wasn't working last night, and I have to wait until it's back up again. It may take a week, but that's okay. Hopefully, they're updating new music.

I am so glad I'm not being rated on Project Runway. If I had to make one of these designs, I think I would be sent home packing. I think it takes a certain amount of guts and imagination to be on a major television show like that. Being judged not only by a experts but also by PR fans like me.

Alright. The video is there for the watching. I'm about to head over there and see if Audioswap is working. Take care and thanks for visiting.

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