Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heidi Will Wear One Of Their Dresses!

I have always wondered if Heidi Klum has ever worn a Project Runway contestant's design.  I don't keep up with every word and event of the lives of the contestants.  The question isn't very pertinent and a must know, but I just always wondered.  Well, with this episode, Heidi will choose, along with the other judges, of course, an outfit she will wear on the cover of a magazine.  How exciting for that designer, really cool.  It's not very often an opportunity like that happens.

The person that won this challenge is the always hilarious Anthony.  I am so glad he won.  His dress was not my style, but it was so cute and I can see that dress and Heidi catching the attention at the newsstand.  Congratulations Anthony!

My favorite dress, and I am surprised by what I picked, was Emilio's dress.  The color is so bright and beautiful, and it looks like it flows and floats perfectly.  Here is a picture of thatEmilio's dress from the Project Runway website.

Emilio really took the advice of the judge and really did his magic with this dress.  The threading work around the bust is so neat, a very good idea.  It stood out among all the outfits... at least for me, it did.

My least favorite outfit was Janeane's dress. I didn't like the shoulders and I wasn't crazy about the color. Maybe, if it was made with a different color.  I thought for sure they were going to send her home, but my guess is always wrong when it comes to this show.

I was sad to see Anna lose the challenge.  The top wasn't that bad, but for the judges, the outfit wasn't good enough.  I cried when Heidi said she was out.  I was secretly hoping she would go all the way, but I got an idea she wouldn't a couple of weeks ago when Emilio stated that she needed to learn more on construction of garments.  She is so young and seems to be a great person.  I hope she continues on creating clothes and designing.

So, next week the designers will be creating clothes for little girls. I wonder if the little girls get to choose the fabric.  It sounds like from the preview they will.  I bet those designers will feel like they walked through hell by the time that challenge is done and over with.

Alright, I got to go.  Blog at you next time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Drawings

Happy Valentine's Day!  I've always thought Valentine's Day should be during the Spring or Summer.  You know, when the birds are chirping, butterflies are floating in the wind, and flowers are scenting the air.  Instead Valentine's Day is during the dead of winter, and I live in a place where old man winter showed his strength.  Who feels like giving flowers in the winter?  I sure don't feel like getting any.  I just want the snow to go away.

Well, I did a video.  I drew some ladies wearing fashions that can be worn on a date on Valentine's Day.  My favorite drawing is the first one.  That dress isn't an original, I don't think.  I don't know where I've seen the dress before, but I thought it was cool looking and would wear a dress like that if I saw it in the store somewhere.

Here is the video of the dresses I drew.

There wasn't a lot of pictures, I know.  But I had fun drawing them, and I like One True Media graphics.  Makes the video looks really valentine-ish.  The music is kind of appropriate, huh?

Well, I got to go.  Maybe, I'll catch Project Runway tonight, or maybe, I'll just go to bed.  I'm tired and sleepy.

Thanks for coming by, and I'll blog at you next time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Cause But No Go For The Designs

I thought last week Project Runway was a good episode.  I like it when they use women of bigger sizes to design for.  The one thing I even heard Tim Gunn say that plus size women are real women.  Well, I disagree.  I love Tim Gunn.  I love his sayings and his expressions, but I disagree with that one thing.  All women are real women, no matter the size.  Every one is not meant to be a size 2 or size 18.  Variety is always good, never boring, and it makes life more interesting.  Women comes in all sizes and shapes, and this episode definitely showed that.  Maybe, they should have different size women for every episode, but this is just my opinion.

Okay back on Project Runway as a whole this week.  I do appreciate the challenge this week.  It is great to see survivors of heart surgery.  But the dresses this week, I wasn't very pleased with.  So, I do not have a favorite dress.  If I had to choose, I couldn't.  Nothing really caught my eye, and I wasn't like blown away by any one design.

I was sad to Jesus leave.  I knew he was leaving soon.  The judges always have been tough on him.  It seemed like he was hanging on for dear life with almost every challenge.  I think that young man will land on his feet.  If not in fashion, then doing something else.

So, next week they are talking about a huge challenge!  Will it be memorable like the newspaper to designer dress challenge or the potato sack to designer challenge?  I guess I have to wait.  I am really interested in the coming episode.

Until next time.  I would say the German word Heidi says, but I can't even type the word. LOL.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interesting, They Teamed Up Last Week.

I'm a week behind in talking about my favorite dress on PR.  New episode tomorrow, so I better get to it. 

The one thing I like seeing is how the personalities show when people are grouped together with those they don't like.  How funny it was that Ping was choosen as a leader of the team, and she picked someone that didn't want to be on her team.  Didn't she see how Jeese was acting before she picked him?  Or was that a cut and past camera editing type of thing?  I believe his demeanor was very apparent, and he didn't want to be with Ping.

Good thing this isn't a personality contest.  Anyway, there is a dress I didn't like.  It was pretty plain, and I think even the designer knew it.  Yes, Jesse's dress.  There was nothing to it.  But I was really confused.  Was it Jesse's design or Ping's design?  Either way, the dress wasn't all that great.  Ping went home losing last week challenge, but I think she will capture a fan base that will love her unique drape type looks.

Now, my favorite part.  There are two dresses I really liked, but I will only choose one.  I thought the outfit was basic...but not basic like Jesse's dress, but more on the elegant side.   What caught my attention was the top and the material it was made from.  I have no idea what it was, but I just love love love this dress.

Anna Lynett's design really caught my attention.  It is beautiful, and I love the top.  The top really did it for me.  I never paid attention to Anna before, but that's okay.  She may be the under dog in this competition.  Here is the dress designed by Anna Lynette, picture from Project Runway and

Now, if Emilio helped her, then he did a great job, too.  I got the impression that he did, but either way, the outfit is georgous.  Well, tomorrow is another episode.  I'll watch it this weekend online.  I can pause it when I have to go do something.

Until next time.