Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heidi Will Wear One Of Their Dresses!

I have always wondered if Heidi Klum has ever worn a Project Runway contestant's design.  I don't keep up with every word and event of the lives of the contestants.  The question isn't very pertinent and a must know, but I just always wondered.  Well, with this episode, Heidi will choose, along with the other judges, of course, an outfit she will wear on the cover of a magazine.  How exciting for that designer, really cool.  It's not very often an opportunity like that happens.

The person that won this challenge is the always hilarious Anthony.  I am so glad he won.  His dress was not my style, but it was so cute and I can see that dress and Heidi catching the attention at the newsstand.  Congratulations Anthony!

My favorite dress, and I am surprised by what I picked, was Emilio's dress.  The color is so bright and beautiful, and it looks like it flows and floats perfectly.  Here is a picture of thatEmilio's dress from the Project Runway website.

Emilio really took the advice of the judge and really did his magic with this dress.  The threading work around the bust is so neat, a very good idea.  It stood out among all the outfits... at least for me, it did.

My least favorite outfit was Janeane's dress. I didn't like the shoulders and I wasn't crazy about the color. Maybe, if it was made with a different color.  I thought for sure they were going to send her home, but my guess is always wrong when it comes to this show.

I was sad to see Anna lose the challenge.  The top wasn't that bad, but for the judges, the outfit wasn't good enough.  I cried when Heidi said she was out.  I was secretly hoping she would go all the way, but I got an idea she wouldn't a couple of weeks ago when Emilio stated that she needed to learn more on construction of garments.  She is so young and seems to be a great person.  I hope she continues on creating clothes and designing.

So, next week the designers will be creating clothes for little girls. I wonder if the little girls get to choose the fabric.  It sounds like from the preview they will.  I bet those designers will feel like they walked through hell by the time that challenge is done and over with.

Alright, I got to go.  Blog at you next time!

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