Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Drawings

Happy Valentine's Day!  I've always thought Valentine's Day should be during the Spring or Summer.  You know, when the birds are chirping, butterflies are floating in the wind, and flowers are scenting the air.  Instead Valentine's Day is during the dead of winter, and I live in a place where old man winter showed his strength.  Who feels like giving flowers in the winter?  I sure don't feel like getting any.  I just want the snow to go away.

Well, I did a video.  I drew some ladies wearing fashions that can be worn on a date on Valentine's Day.  My favorite drawing is the first one.  That dress isn't an original, I don't think.  I don't know where I've seen the dress before, but I thought it was cool looking and would wear a dress like that if I saw it in the store somewhere.

Here is the video of the dresses I drew.

There wasn't a lot of pictures, I know.  But I had fun drawing them, and I like One True Media graphics.  Makes the video looks really valentine-ish.  The music is kind of appropriate, huh?

Well, I got to go.  Maybe, I'll catch Project Runway tonight, or maybe, I'll just go to bed.  I'm tired and sleepy.

Thanks for coming by, and I'll blog at you next time.

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