Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interesting, They Teamed Up Last Week.

I'm a week behind in talking about my favorite dress on PR.  New episode tomorrow, so I better get to it. 

The one thing I like seeing is how the personalities show when people are grouped together with those they don't like.  How funny it was that Ping was choosen as a leader of the team, and she picked someone that didn't want to be on her team.  Didn't she see how Jeese was acting before she picked him?  Or was that a cut and past camera editing type of thing?  I believe his demeanor was very apparent, and he didn't want to be with Ping.

Good thing this isn't a personality contest.  Anyway, there is a dress I didn't like.  It was pretty plain, and I think even the designer knew it.  Yes, Jesse's dress.  There was nothing to it.  But I was really confused.  Was it Jesse's design or Ping's design?  Either way, the dress wasn't all that great.  Ping went home losing last week challenge, but I think she will capture a fan base that will love her unique drape type looks.

Now, my favorite part.  There are two dresses I really liked, but I will only choose one.  I thought the outfit was basic...but not basic like Jesse's dress, but more on the elegant side.   What caught my attention was the top and the material it was made from.  I have no idea what it was, but I just love love love this dress.

Anna Lynett's design really caught my attention.  It is beautiful, and I love the top.  The top really did it for me.  I never paid attention to Anna before, but that's okay.  She may be the under dog in this competition.  Here is the dress designed by Anna Lynette, picture from Project Runway and

Now, if Emilio helped her, then he did a great job, too.  I got the impression that he did, but either way, the outfit is georgous.  Well, tomorrow is another episode.  I'll watch it this weekend online.  I can pause it when I have to go do something.

Until next time.

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