Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Wild, The Mini, and The Look Of It All Collection

I have done another video, and you know what. I am getting discouraged. My drawings are looking all the same, and I don't expect miracles overnight, but damn! I expect something to be better. Can you tell I'm frustrated? I'll just keep at it. I'll keep on drawing, and hopefully, I'll get better.

This next video is about animal prints and mini skirts. Not my absolute, all time favorite video, but I needed to draw this past week. And the video was an end result. Take a look.

Sorry, if there is no sound. Audioswap at YouTube wasn't working last night, and I have to wait until it's back up again. It may take a week, but that's okay. Hopefully, they're updating new music.

I am so glad I'm not being rated on Project Runway. If I had to make one of these designs, I think I would be sent home packing. I think it takes a certain amount of guts and imagination to be on a major television show like that. Being judged not only by a experts but also by PR fans like me.

Alright. The video is there for the watching. I'm about to head over there and see if Audioswap is working. Take care and thanks for visiting.

Sexy in Burlap? Who Knew?

I like the challenge that Project Runway had this week.  Burlap sacks?  I would have never guessed you could make clothes out of stuff like that, and not only did the designers create clothes.  Most of them were absolutely georgeous.  I was so impressed with the work that went into all the creations.

My favorite dress this week was made by Amy.  I really like the colors at the end of the skirt.  It was so neat, like a layering of dyes.  Did I say that right?  And it seemed like to me Amy wasn't afraid to show off the natural look of burlap.  For me and my taste, Amy's dress was fabulous, a work of art, and hands down the winner in my household judging. LOL.  And as for her model, Alison, she did an excellent job.  I could tell she was enjoying wearing that dress down the runway, and she was going to feel confident at her party engagment in it.  Alison choose the right designer.  Great job on the dress Amy.  It was absolutely cute and unique, and I loved it.

Here is the picture of my favorite dress by Amy Sarabi from Lifetime Project Runway.

Now, as for the winner this week's challenge...I'm not going to take anything away from Jay Nicolas Sario.  I think Jay did an excellent job.  That dress was sexy and didn't look like burlap at all.  He was very deserving of the win.  I hope his model was proud to wear it at the fashion industry party.  Congratulations Jay.

Now, for the part I don't like to write about, but it must be wrote.  There is a dress I don't like.  And it's probably not hard to guess which one.

Oh Ping, what was that thing you made?  That's all I could think of was Epperson last season when they sent him home over a dress Heidi said that reminded her of "Octoberfest."  His dress was ten times, a hundred times better than the one Ping sent down the runway this season. [I know...different challenge, different season, different all together].  But oh, the horror! The model's butt was peeking out.  Hello!  And she had to go to an important party in that dress.  Then there was the pockets.  Were they pockets?  The model did not have a body to show off at all.  Ping made it to the next round, though!  Maybe, someone in the world would wear it, but it wouldn't be me that's for sure. 

Ping seems odd, but she has the judges curious as to what she can do.  Her first design is what saved her in this second round of competition, in my humble opinion.  Heidi, Michael, and Nina are very curious about this woman, and they want to see more of her oddness.  There is no doubt they know who she is a designer, and their interest is highly peaked.

There is a lot of talent in this group of designers.  This week proved that.  So, I'm not going to choose anymore designers that I think will make it to the final three.  Those judges can be tricky, and what I like might not be what they like.  It's like what Tim said last season, "It's all about taste."

Thanks for reading my blog for this week's Project Runway.  If I like any dresses for next week, I'll let you know either way.  They're working in teams next week!  It gets so interesting when they work in teams.  The drama! 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Looooove Project Runway!

Oh, how I wish I could sew the clothes I designed.  I would have tried out for Project Runway.  I think I first started watching PR 3 or 4 years ago when it was on Bravo channel.  I heard a lot of people don't like it on Lifetime, but I like it there because Lifetime puts the whole episode online.  So, when I am too tired to watch it during the weekday, I can watch it Saturday evening or Sunday on the web.

They have so many designers on the first episode that it is hard for me to remember all of them.  I think there are like 16 designers in all.  How do Heidi, Michael, and Nina remember them all?

Before the season started I visited BPR, an awesome blog that keeps you updated on Project Runway, to see who the new designers were, and I visited the designer's individual websites if they had one that was not on facebook.  [Don't ask why I don't do facebook, I just don't and don't really know why].  I chose my favorite designer, and I predicted that person would win.  Who did I choose?  Christiane King.  Why did I choose her?  Check out her website.  Her designs are so fabulous!  I loved them!  But boy, was I way wrong in choosing her.  Good thing I didn't make a bet.  Out of ALL the designers to go first, she was it.  Then I found out that she had tried out for the show many times before.  She must be disappointed.  I know I would be.

After watching the show last night, I wondered what happened with her dress?  The dress she put on the runway for PR was nothing like the stuff at her website.  I didn't like that dress at all, my least favorite out of all the designs.  The dress she made looked like Qrystal's dress from last season, and I didn't like that one, either.  I don't know.  I'm sure Christiane will do very well and continue with her dream beyond Project Runway

I wanted to show my favorite dress that was made from this first episode.  Seth Aaron Henderson created it.  This dress never left my mind after watching it go down the runway.  Here is a picture of Seth's design.

I think the design is so unique, and I love the fabric.  The creativity and technical work that went into the dress was phenomenal.  I like everything about it.  I can truly say that is the one dress I have never seen before.  New designs are a rare thing.  And did you see the lipstick, the makeup?  Perfect. Perfect. Perfect, everything.  In my opinion, he should have won the first challenge.

If I have a favorite outfit for the next episode, I'll let you know next time.  I can't wait to see what the designers come up with next!

I better get going.  See you later.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Experimental Computerized Swimsuit Collection

My next collection of drawings is exactly as the stated name of the collection. I plan on buying the Adobe fashion program [I believe that's what it is called], but until then I will be drawing by hand. This next video was mostly done with one drawing, but colored on Paint. This is the first time I have ever done drawings like this, and once I got started, I was having a lot of fun. Changing the colors around, and changing the look of the swimsuit. It isn't all out professional, but I think it was a basic first step of learning to design on the computer.

Take a look at this next video.

I love the song I found for this video. It is so mellow and beautiful.

It is soo late, and I am so tired. I wasn't expecting to stay up this late working on my video, but I'm glad I did. I hope the next one I work on will be ten times better.

See you later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Gothic Princess Collection

When it comes to gothic fashions, I think there is a misunderstanding or a kind of prejudice against it.  I use to go to the mall a lot a few years ago, and I would see young people wearing these kinds of clothing.  They were dark, sinister, and almost scary looking.  The black lipstick, the black eyeliner, the black clothing, it all made a statment that I was uncomfortable with.  I just didn't understand.  But I believe if you're a person who is really serious about fashions, prejudice against any fashion style will hinder what you can learn from it.  Gothic is just as beautiful and creative as any style out there. 

I don't wear gothic clothing, but I have learned and come to appreciate that style more in recent times.  It is just as important as the evening gowns, the jeans, or that knock out little black dress we're all told we need in our wardrobe.

There is a lot of information on the history of gothic fashions online, and for me, I can't really place where it truly began or where it got its influences from.  I believe a trip to the library is in order to study more on the subject.  But I did read a little online, and I tried to apply what I learned in my Gothic Princess Collection.

So, here is the video, and I hope you are rocking it!

I didn't do a lot of drawings because I believe those kinds of fashions deserved better research on my part.  I will admit, though.  These drawings were one of my favorites.  Even though most of it is black, it is still great and I discovered there is so much you can do with the gothic style.  The possibilities are limitless.

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Thank you for stopping by.  See you next time!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Fashion Research Series Begins

I believe to understand anything, you must know the history.  I started drawing as a child, but never really took the time to sit and research fashions when it came to the styles and fabrics and terminology.  I think those kinds of things are tremendously important if you are seriously considering a career in fashion.

I'm not considering a career in fashion or anything like that, but I think even as a hobby, I should have an understanding.  Fashion designs today are rarely new.  I discovered even back in the 1850's that fashion was still ahead of its time.  The fabrics, the style, the way the clothing were made.  There are tons and tons of information out there, and I am ready to learn.  I may not discover it all, but I want to learn a good chunk of it.

I made a video to kind of show a little of what I learned.  I read about pagoda sleeves, crinolines, and pantalettes.  Women in the 1850's that dressed to impress were decorative bonnets and capes, wore gowns off the shoulder.  Can you imagine wearing a hoop dress now and days?  Can you imagine trying to drive with that thing on?  Impossible.  It is now 2010.  It has been around 160 years.

This next video is my presentation of the fashions of 1850.  Mind you, I ain't nowhere close to the extravagance and the beauty of the clothing, but I tried my best to represent the fashions of that time with basic designs and colors.  Here is the video:

There are around 8 fashions in the video.  Not a whole lot, but I tried to capture the essence of high fashion back then.  It's kind of hard when you didn't get a chance to see it as it truly was back then.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  If you like YouTube, subscribe to my channel so you can stay updated on new videos, and of course, you are welcomed to subscribe to this blog.

Thank you for visiting.  See you later.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Present

The brand new year is here despite whether I was ready or not.  It feels kind of new, doesn't it?  Even though, it is still just another day.  Nothing new, but like I mention before it just feels new.

Well, with a new year I have a new present, a new video that is.  I called it "The Pink Goddess Collection".  The name has a definite connection with the sketches.  Most of the time, I simply just draw some stuff and put a video together, but with this collection it took a week to finish all the drawings and not very long to put the video together.

Here it is:

My goal for these drawings were to have a cohesive collection where you can tell every piece belongs.  The colors run along the same featuring light oranges, greys, and soft violets.  I draw the hair wavy for each drawing, and I highlighted the eyes with thicker eye lashes.  I think the eye lashes made the face look very sexy and gives more expression. 

I choose the color pink primarily because that color is very powerful actually.  It represents breast cancer awareness and many of our little daughters and granddaughters love the color pink.  It can represent spring time, love, and youth.

That wasn't all I've added.  I have a year in review type of video, as well.  Everyone has to do a year in review, right?  I added it last night, and I pretty much showcased my favorite drawings from last year.  I only started back drawing again in December, but I made about 13 or 14 collections during that month.  So, I wanted to just pick out my favorite drawings and put them in a video.

Check out my year in review video:

I hope to get better at my drawings as the year goes on.  Kind of exciting for me.  Have a safe and happy weekend.  I plan on spending time with the family and making a crochet bear.  See you later....biyeee!