Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Cause But No Go For The Designs

I thought last week Project Runway was a good episode.  I like it when they use women of bigger sizes to design for.  The one thing I even heard Tim Gunn say that plus size women are real women.  Well, I disagree.  I love Tim Gunn.  I love his sayings and his expressions, but I disagree with that one thing.  All women are real women, no matter the size.  Every one is not meant to be a size 2 or size 18.  Variety is always good, never boring, and it makes life more interesting.  Women comes in all sizes and shapes, and this episode definitely showed that.  Maybe, they should have different size women for every episode, but this is just my opinion.

Okay back on Project Runway as a whole this week.  I do appreciate the challenge this week.  It is great to see survivors of heart surgery.  But the dresses this week, I wasn't very pleased with.  So, I do not have a favorite dress.  If I had to choose, I couldn't.  Nothing really caught my eye, and I wasn't like blown away by any one design.

I was sad to Jesus leave.  I knew he was leaving soon.  The judges always have been tough on him.  It seemed like he was hanging on for dear life with almost every challenge.  I think that young man will land on his feet.  If not in fashion, then doing something else.

So, next week they are talking about a huge challenge!  Will it be memorable like the newspaper to designer dress challenge or the potato sack to designer challenge?  I guess I have to wait.  I am really interested in the coming episode.

Until next time.  I would say the German word Heidi says, but I can't even type the word. LOL.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by blog and commenting! This is actually the first season I've decided not to watch PR, but I like your recap none the less! =)