Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sexy in Burlap? Who Knew?

I like the challenge that Project Runway had this week.  Burlap sacks?  I would have never guessed you could make clothes out of stuff like that, and not only did the designers create clothes.  Most of them were absolutely georgeous.  I was so impressed with the work that went into all the creations.

My favorite dress this week was made by Amy.  I really like the colors at the end of the skirt.  It was so neat, like a layering of dyes.  Did I say that right?  And it seemed like to me Amy wasn't afraid to show off the natural look of burlap.  For me and my taste, Amy's dress was fabulous, a work of art, and hands down the winner in my household judging. LOL.  And as for her model, Alison, she did an excellent job.  I could tell she was enjoying wearing that dress down the runway, and she was going to feel confident at her party engagment in it.  Alison choose the right designer.  Great job on the dress Amy.  It was absolutely cute and unique, and I loved it.

Here is the picture of my favorite dress by Amy Sarabi from Lifetime Project Runway.

Now, as for the winner this week's challenge...I'm not going to take anything away from Jay Nicolas Sario.  I think Jay did an excellent job.  That dress was sexy and didn't look like burlap at all.  He was very deserving of the win.  I hope his model was proud to wear it at the fashion industry party.  Congratulations Jay.

Now, for the part I don't like to write about, but it must be wrote.  There is a dress I don't like.  And it's probably not hard to guess which one.

Oh Ping, what was that thing you made?  That's all I could think of was Epperson last season when they sent him home over a dress Heidi said that reminded her of "Octoberfest."  His dress was ten times, a hundred times better than the one Ping sent down the runway this season. [I know...different challenge, different season, different all together].  But oh, the horror! The model's butt was peeking out.  Hello!  And she had to go to an important party in that dress.  Then there was the pockets.  Were they pockets?  The model did not have a body to show off at all.  Ping made it to the next round, though!  Maybe, someone in the world would wear it, but it wouldn't be me that's for sure. 

Ping seems odd, but she has the judges curious as to what she can do.  Her first design is what saved her in this second round of competition, in my humble opinion.  Heidi, Michael, and Nina are very curious about this woman, and they want to see more of her oddness.  There is no doubt they know who she is a designer, and their interest is highly peaked.

There is a lot of talent in this group of designers.  This week proved that.  So, I'm not going to choose anymore designers that I think will make it to the final three.  Those judges can be tricky, and what I like might not be what they like.  It's like what Tim said last season, "It's all about taste."

Thanks for reading my blog for this week's Project Runway.  If I like any dresses for next week, I'll let you know either way.  They're working in teams next week!  It gets so interesting when they work in teams.  The drama! 

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